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Colman Kayman offer more than just employment advice. Throughout the entirety of your employment, we are on hand to query any issues which may arise throughout the course of your job and can help you to respond to your employer in a pragmatic way. You may not trust your employers HR department to make decisions in accordance with your rights and if you don’t know what your rights are, this can be a frustrating experience. This is why we are able to keep you up to date with rights that are specific to you and what you do. The average solicitor’s fees are in the region of £200 pound per hour. We offer our service at a fixed fee of £20 per month and an initial £60 signing fee. That’s it, no hidden costs. 

What will £20 per month get you?

* Fast and Easy access to up to date advice on many areas of employment, * Access to a personal advisor by booking an appointment online, * Guidance over the phone or by email, * Correspondence Assistance including assistance with letter writing and responding to your employer, * Your own online account where you can view all your correspondence and make enquires. * Automatic entry to our bonus plan after 6 continuous months*


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